Monday 7 August 2017

The Documentary Photographer Podcast—Episode 29: Finale—Lessons Learned and How to Get the Most from this Podcast

This is the final episode of the Documentary Photographer Podcast. It may return for a second season, but for now it is the last one.

You'll hear me explain why I've called a halt and find out the top 10 wondrous things the podcast gave me.

Here's the list (in no particular order of importance):

1. Spoke to my hero: Doug Menuez
2. Spoke to great photographers
3. Taught me about photography: how to take pictures
4. Taught me about business
5. Inspired me/showed me what’s possible: pursuing dreams
6. Broadened my horizons/understanding of humanity/culture
7. Marketing of my brand
8. Taught me a new product/business
9. Taught me a new skill (speaking/interviewing)
10. Broadened my network: interviewees & listeners

  Thank you for your company along the way. It's been a privilege.


Show & Tell Communications (
Spierkater (
Roger Overall Photography (
Peter Cox Photography (
Doug Menuez (
Doug Menuez: On Chaos, Fear, Survival and Luck This link takes you to an archived version of Doug's previous blog/website via I'm doing so because I'm getting a malware notice from my Norton security software at the moment regards Doug's actual old site. I've emailed Doug to let him know. But in the meantime, you can read the article safely here:


  1. I finally made enough time to catch up with your latest episodes, only to learn that this was going to be the last one (for now?)... Sad news for sure. I may not have been very present but I really enjoyed listening to you. And this episode was another perfect example. Quite a ride (especially the first part...) but well worth my time. Thanks for all the fish!

    1. Thank you, Thomas. It means the world to me that you've left this message. Who knows, maybe sometime in the distant future there will be a fourth instalment of the increasingly inaccurately named The Documentary Photographer podcast