Legal Stuff


You've caught me by surprise. Just as well I wasn't up to anything.

Not many people come looking back here to check out the legal stuff.

Thank you.


The web and social media, great though they are, are causing photographers many headaches. We want to show you our work, but we'd like for you not to harvest it off our websites and blogs for your own use without our permission. That is against copyright law around the world. Please don't do it.

I hold the copyright in all of the images, words, videos and audio recordings on this blog, unless otherwise stated, and all rights are reserved. That means that nobody can take an image from this blog and use it without my say-so. Any unauthorized use will be followed up. I have a very good lawyer. He scares me even.

Please respect my copyright and that of other photographers.

Monetizing, Affiliate Links, Advertising, etc

It's important that you understand that I monetize this blog in several ways that is, I endeavour to earn money from it. I don't see anything wrong with this. In fact, the only thing I can see wrong with it is how little it earns me at the moment.

That said, there must be transparency.

This blog earns money in a number of ways.

First, you might see links to my own stuff. That could be anything: prints, seminars, books, videos, all kinds of stuff. It'll be clear to you that by clicking on those and purchasing something, you are buying from me

Second, I sometimes deploy affiliate links throughout the body of my posts. If I'm writing about a particular product or service, it makes commercial sense to benefit if someone decides to buy it – even if I've told them not to. This doesn't cost them anything extra, I should point out. They're still paying the same price as everyone else who went directly to the relevant online store. And if they don't buy, I don't get a penny. You can't say fairer than that.

Third, you might occasionally find advertising on this site. It depends what mood I'm in. In the case of the Google-generated advertising, it appears automatically within areas of the blog that I decide. Every effort is made to make sure that appropriate advertising appears on the blog. Strict filters are in place to ensure nothing, erm, "naughty' is advertised. However, if you see anything out of place, please do drop me a line.


I accept no liability or responsibility for the content of external sites that I might link to. I'll check the links out, but site content can change after a link has been established.

That about covers it.

Oh, yes – one more thing. These terms of service do change occasionally. So what you read today may no longer be valid tomorrow. Don't assume anything. Best to check back.