My name is Roger Overall. I host and produce The Documentary Photographer podcast.

That makes me one of three people without whom this podcast couldn't exist.

The second person is really a group of people: the photographers who allow us into their lives. Wonderful people producing inspirational documentary work that we can all learn from.

The third person?

That's you.

Without you, there wouldn't be a podcast. A podcast needs an audience. One person is enough. So by listening, you make this podcast worthwhile.

Thank you.

Why the podcast exists

Documentary photography is the greatest form of photography, I think. It goes beyond the purely aesthetic. It captures genuine stories and preserves them for the generations to come.

That's not the exclusive preserve of hard-hitting news photography. Far from it. Documentary photography can be used to record other sorts of stories too – like someone's wedding day, or a day in their working life, or the creation of a new product, or an adventure, an expedition, an undertaking, an achievement.

So, it deserves its own podcast. There are rich stories to be told about producing documentary photography. We can all learn together how to appreciate it better and how to make better storytelling photographs ourselves.

Yes, I'm a photographer too

I'm a working photographer. I'm also a film maker, content strategist, podcaster and sometime cartoonist.

Aside from photography, my other great interest is food. I'm not really a foodie, though I do enjoy food. Instead, I'm fascinated by the story of food. One of my ambitions is to explore the story and history of food through photography.

My dream assignment would be photographing a year in the life of a vineyard. Just putting that out there in case you are in a position to help make that happen.

If you have time and the inclination, you can see some of my work on my portfolio website.

Contact me

If you'd like to get in touch, please drop me a line. Email is good (roger@rogeroverall.net). I tweet too and hang around on Instagram quite a bit too: @rogeroverall.

Twitter: @rogeroverall