Saturday 21 March 2015

The Documentary Photographer Podcast—Episode 23: Peter Cox—Self-publishing "Atlantic Light" Using Kickstarter

Peter Cox is a successful professional landscape photographer based in Co. Cork in Ireland. He is currently running  a Kickstarter campaign to help publish his second book, Atlantic Light. To say it has been a huge success so far would be an understatement—like saying the summit of K2 is a stiff walk.

Peter is no stranger to Kickstarter success. His previous book campaign was almost 400% funded and he is on track to repeat that this time round.

In this episode of The Documentary Photographer Podcast, Peter talks about what you need to run a successful Kickstarter campaign and explains what went into his latest book project.

Peter is also an early adopter of drone technology for his photography and his latest book will feature photographs taken exclusively from the air. He explains what drew him to drone photography and tells of some of the mishaps along the way.

If you have plans to run a Kickstarter campaign to publish a book of your photographs, Peter has some wonderful and useful insights for you.

You can see Peter's Kickstarter campaign here: Peter Cox Kickstarter for Atlantic Light.
His website is here: Peter's website.

Below is the secondary, supporting video that Peter talks about in our conversation:

Atlantic Light from Peter Cox on Vimeo.

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