Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Syria Print Sale – David Creedon's Print

© David Creedon
Choosing a photograph from David Creedon's Cuba work for this print sale was both heaven and hell.

It was heaven because I think that his Cuba portfolio among the very best ever produced. It's not just me who thinks that. David went to Arles this year to show his work and drum up interest for a book. The feedback was universally positive. Sadly, that doesn't mean the book will appear. While I've seen a mock up and it took my breath away, getting a publisher behind a book is hard these days, even if you have the competency and reputation that David has. Maybe, as a next project, we could encourage him to go the self-publish route? I have no doubt his book would do well following a Kickstarter campaign or such.

Choosing a print from such a wonderful collection allowed me to indulge myself in his work. Heaven, as I said.

It was hell at the same time. Out of such a wonderful series which one should I choose? I'd have taken any of them.

In the end, I selected one of the most accessible photographs in the series – one that would have broad appeal, even outside the photographic community. Just in case the sale doesn't go as well as I hope it will among photographers.

You can't go wrong with animals. Cats and dogs in particular.

David's story

David lives in Cork and I'm very lucky that I get the chance to have coffee with him every couple of months. For me, it really is like sitting at the knee of the master – except the chairs are comfortable and I'm allowed a latte.

When we met so that he could give me his prints, we recorded a brief conversation about the photograph. You can listen to it below:

David's photograph is printed on 14x9.5 inch photographic paper, with a boarder of between 0.5 and 0.8 inches around it (depending on the size). He has also stamped them.

Please come back tomorrow and I'll explain how you can purchase one of the prints.

In the meantime, if you are able to promote the sale in any way, shape or form (online or off), I'd be very grateful.

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