Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Documentary Photographer Podcast – Episode 12: Dana Popa – The Role of Gender in Photography

I'm a man. You'll have gathered that. As a documentary photographer, I wonder how that colours my view of world, and whether it prevents me from access to certain subjects.

I've also been conscious that this podcast has been very male orientated. Out of 11 interviews so far, only one has been with a woman. I should apologize and make amends – starting with episode 12.

In this episode, I'm joined in conversation by Dana Popa, a Romanian photographer who is based in London. Dana has done work in very sensitive environments – among sex slaves, for instance. These environments made me wonder whether a man could have gained the access required to produce a visual story.

As always, our conversation opened my eyes and pricked through some unfounded preconceptions that I had.

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