Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Documentary Photographer Podcast – Episode 4: Doug Menuez – Advertising Documentary

In this episode of The Documentary Photographer podcast, I get to talk to one of my heroes: Doug Menuez.

Doug is a US photographer who has found the holy grail - being paid advertising rates to photograph documentary images his way. The perfect blend of art and commerce.

We talk about how he gets access to his subjects and how he engages with them to gain their consent to their likeness being used in advertising. We also discuss his archive of photographs from the early(-ish) days of Silicon Valley - starting when Steve Jobs was reeling from being punted out of Apple.

Doug's work is profoundly evocative and rich. I think the photographs from his tequila project are among the most beautiful I've seen. They are infused with life and insight. They give a sense of cultural context. They lift a veil. They reach out to the viewer.

Doug is the author of one of the most important articles that I have ever read. Every photographer should take half an hour to read and reflect on his piece On Chaos, Fear, Survival and Luck. It is a beacon for me whenever I lose the faith in myself and my ability.


Doug's Website
Doug's Blog


This slideshow comprising work from his Heaven, Earth, Tequila project will give you a good idea of Doug's style and storytelling genius.

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